Established in 1995
TICA Registered Ragdoll Cats – Home of the Blue Eyed Wonder





DSC_0071 (680x800)I am a Ragdoll Cat Breeder located in southern Oregon. I have a TICA register cattery. Welcome M’Ladies and M’Lords, we greet you humbly and will ensure that your stay at our kingdom is pleasant. We encourage you to step within the castle walls and to marvel at our graces. Once inside we will introduce you to the family and provide you with information you  request.

A Dragon Heart Kitty information. Where you will find prices, colors and more!!!

Hello, my name is Terri Breazeale and I would like to welcome you to this enchanted kingdom. Dragon Heart Cattery is nestled among the rolling hills of southern Oregon USA just a short drive from Grants Pass. We are a small cattery where the kitties are all raised underfoot in our home. They have the run of the house. I specialize in the Lynx pattern. I offer kittens, in Seal, Blue, Flame and Tortie Point, in Lynx, Bi-Color and mitted pattern.  Soon I will have Chocolate and Lilac’s as well.  Growing up as a child, I always had cats. This is my web site devoted to the awesome Ragdoll cat!